Driving Performance
Through Ethical Influence

Leveraging 15+ years of human performance expertise, Keith gives you an actionable roadmap to sustainable peak performance.

Keith Mercurio

CEO & Founder, Ethical Influence Global, Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Consultant

Driving Performance
Through Ethical Influence

Leveraging 15+ years of human performance expertise, Keith gives you an actionable roadmap to sustainable peak performance.

Organizations spend over $80 billion on annual training & development.

Yet, nearly 90% of new skills are lost and forgotten within a year.

Here's why...

Most training focuses on changing our actions to create results.

But, what drives our actions?
Our beliefs.

In order to achieve sustainable results, we need to first transform our identity as leaders. Then, empower our people to transform theirs.

That's What
Keith Does.

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All About the ROI.

"The feedback we got after the session from a lot of the folks that are in the room who have experienced countless training sessions was that this felt different. Through his delivery, content, and a deep understanding of human performance, Keith’s meaningfully differentiated himself from the other experiences that we’ve had."

Experience Keith

Bianca C

Global Program Manager, Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP) at GE Aerospace


"Keith’s message on really listening to people to hear them stopped me in my tracks and truthfully brought me to tears. Keith now speaks to hundreds of our OMLPs as they navigate their 2-year journey through our Leadership Program. Keith takes the time to understand the exact needs of each cohort and tailors his material to fit the needs of each individual as well as the needs of our business. Keith consistently receives the highest ratings for engagement and relevance out of all the Leadership training courses we provide for our cohorts."

Training Programs

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Identity Transformation

This foundational training program is designed to develop a heightened level of self-awareness for those courageous enough to confront the blind spots that they have been unconsciously guiding undesirable outcomes in their lives.

During this three-day immersive program, participants will experience tangible transformation and leave with actionable tools to sustain and accelerate extraordinary experiences and results.

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Character Transformation

After completing the foundational Identity Transformation program, participants will recognize the flaw in their self-centric view of the world. Character transformation helps them take a deep look at their role in the world and learn to intentionally honor and serve others.

In this three-day format, participants will confront the hidden motives of their communication while exploring the unintended impact on others. This highly interactive program will allow for immediate application of lessons learned, an instant transformation of existing relationships and outcomes, and further development of skills set for application outside of the program.

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Achievement Mastery

This program is designed to create patterns, habits, and flow to achieve and maintain an extraordinary level of achievement. Participants will learn how to influence their unconscious mind to create impactful outcomes.

During this two-day program, participants will craft the next 3 months of their lives - authoring outcomes and pathways to unprecedented achievement and on the way to the greatest years of their careers, relationships, and health.

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Coaching Mastery

This program gives leaders, managers, coaches, and heads of households, including parents, skills to create a framework and methodology for invoking high-levels of commitment and performance from others beyond their duties to achieve greater outcomes for all.

The two-day format includes real-time coaching, skill practice, and peer feedback as well as overcoming obstacles in creating consistent meeting rhythms in your life. Participants will learn the power of asking great questions and intentional listening in order to enhance communication and influence.