Insights for
Awareness &

Leadership & Culture Transformation for Unprecedented Results

Insights for
Awareness &

Leadership & Culture Transformation for Unprecedented Results

Experience the Ethical
Influence Model

Our video series presents a refreshingly practical, participant-centered, actionable roadmap for lasting, extraordinary results.

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Ethical Influence - The Art & Science of Inspiring Change

Experience Keith's stage presence and impact.

1. Awareness of Self

Ethical Influence starts with becoming aware of how our focus, language, and physiology impacts our experiences and reactions.

2. Influence of Self

Now that we have developed our awareness of self, the question is, “how do we summon our ideal state for the circumstances at hand?”

3. Awareness of Others

The next step of growth is recognizing that our state also fundamentally affects our capability to be aware of others.

4. Influence of Others

When we start to see people as failing, struggling, not capable, not working hard enough, we attach labels that in turn cause us to experience them in that way. 

To truly learn to influence people we must recognize our responsibility as leaders to experience people in a way that honors and serves them, thereby giving them the fullest opportunity to live into their possibility. 


Full-length keynotes inspiring identity-based mindset, language and roadmap for unprecedented personal growth.


Ethical Influence - The Art & Science of Inspiring Change

In his signature keynote, Keith helps us understand why training directed at changing actions has fleeting results. And how to achieve sustainable results, we must help people shift their identities-allowing them to discover who they need to become in order to achieve the results they desire.

Ethical Influence - The Art & Science of Inspiring Change (audio-only)

Using Emotional Intelligence to be Intentional and Effective and Succeed in Leadership, Keith helps listeners understand the impact of emotional intelligence on their relationships and provides case studies and tools for critical application in even the toughest circumstances.

Ethical Influence in Sales

Through this high-energy keynote, Keith demonstrates how you can apply Ethical Influence in a high-performance sales environment to create transformative results for all stakeholders.

Increasing Productivity

Our success is dictated by the actions we take. But the true inner driver is our belief system driven by our identity. In this keynote, Keith guides his audience on how we can achieve sustainable results by shifting our identities - allowing ourselves to discover who we need to become in order to achieve the results we desire.

Supercharge Your Remote Leadership

Despite the worldwide shift into remote leadership and training, leaders have been slow to learn how to be as effective in this new format. In this video Keith shares how to make meetings, training, and connections more effective no matter where you are in the world.


Influential Listening is Critical to Great Communication, Pt. 2

Whether you’re an HVAC owner or just a spouse that wants to be a better listener, this one’s for you! Keith and host Chris Yano finish their conversation on how to listen with courage, authenticity, and true empathy.

Influential Listening is Critical to Great Communication, Pt. 1

Is communication keeping you from success with your home services business, at work, or in your personal life? We welcome back CEO and Founder of Ethical Influence Global and Sr. Director of Executive Success at ServiceTitan Keith Mecurio! Keith and host Chris Yano have a deep discussion about influential listening, communication, and authenticity.

Transforming Your Employees Into Resilient Leaders Through Ethical Influence

Keith Mercurio is the Senior Director of Executive Success of ServiceTitan, and CEO & Founder at Ethical Influence Global. Keith has spoken to nearly 20,000 people on the topics of leadership, influence, sales, and personal development. He has guided over 600 businesses and transformed their own leadership identity and led unprecedented growth for their teams. … Read more

Team Anywhere Podcast: Eliminating Workplace Uncertainty Using the Ethical Influence Model

In today’s podcast episode, we interview Keith Mercurio, CEO and Founder of Ethical Influence Institute and Ethical Influence Global. Today’s topics are focused on the 4 Quadrants of the Ethical Influence Model which are: awareness of self, influence of self, awareness of others, and influence of others. This will help leaders support team members in dealing … Read more

Change Your Filter With Tall Paul

Big life events can often be painful, yet there’s always an opportunity to learn and grow via hardship. In Episode 10 of the Change Your Filter Podcast, we are joined by the Senior Director of Executive Success at Service Titan, who is also the Founder & CEO at Ethical Influence Global, Keith Mercurio.

Toolbox for the Trades By ServiceTitan

In the latest episode, Keith Mercurio, Sr. Director of Executive Success at ServiceTitan and Founder and CEO of Ethical Influence Institute, shares the secrets of ethical influence and how they can elevate your leadership.

Leadership Lounge with Jack Tester

Former Nexstar Director of Training Keith Mercurio shares his unlikely story of growth from college dropout to plumber to leadership trainer and speaker, and the lessons that shaped his philosophy and approach to transformation.

Powerful Thinking for Positive Results

A deep conversation with Chris and Tall Paul about what honor and serve means and how Keith uses the 4-step Ethical Influence Model to transform how people interact with their circumstances and take control of their own success.

Mantras of a Keynote Speaker‬

Coming from a plumbing background, leading him to work in events, Keith comes with so much knowledge to now being a keynote speaker. Listen as he shares some amazing principles you will want to adopt!

Partners in the News

Radiant named one of Austin’s Top Workplaces

As Director of Leadership Development, Keith has had the unique privilege of being a part of Radiant’s progressive leadership with co-owners Sarah and Brad Casebier. In their work together, Radiant thrived during the pandemic and had a record growth from $20 million to $38 million in annual revenue.

The Riverside Company, a global private investor, has invested in Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning

Radiant is the latest example of Riverside’s deep focus and expertise investing in essential home services. For more than a decade, the firm has invested in a broad range of branded consumer companies, with a special focus on home services. Working closely with management, Riverside fosters growth through a focused approach that pairs consumer and … Read more

ServiceTitan Announces $500 Million Investment Led By Tiger Global Management and Sequoia Capital Global Equities

Who knew building a vertical software-as-a-service toolkit focused on home heating and cooling could be worth $8.3 billion? Founded just eight years ago, is worth now, thanks to some massive tailwinds around homebuilding and energy efficiency. As Senior Director of Executive Success, Keith has guided and developed their executive leadership through an explosive growth strategy.